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Small & medium wind power equipments show growth potential

Author:admin  From:本站  Date:2013-7-19 11:41:01  Click:6766
Small & medium wind power equipments show growth potential

 Small & medium wind power equipments show growth potential
After several years of rapid growth, China’s wind energy industry encounters unprecedented challenges due to technical bottlenecks, excess capacity and other factors. However, major breakthroughs have been achieved in small and medium-sized wind power equipment during this downturn. With cost and technological advantages, they create vast market potential.
Although wind energy development is stressed in 12th Five-Year Plan for Energy Development, completion rate of wind power projects remains quite low due to unsound policies and other reasons. In the middle of May this year, the State Council issued a policy on decentralizing the examination and approval power for wind energy projects, boosting our confidence during this downturn.
Industry insiders consider that small and medium wind power equipment will be widely used in agriculture, transportation, remote areas without electricity and other fields, and will surely get wider application. In recent years, its export volume keeps increasing year by year and major importers include America, Germany, Greece, Belgium, Sweden, Japan, etc.
We have learned that many countries in Africa, Southeast Asia and Latin America show great interest in this kind of equipment and want to establish business relations with domestic companies via GZWEE 2013. Many manufacturers engaging in this field takes active part in the show and exhibitor number is seeing obvious growth. Up to now, many leading enterprises such as Guangzhou Hongying Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and Hopeful Wind Energy Technology Co., Ltd. have booked their booths in our show.