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A Grand Feast in Guangdong’s Wind Energy Industry

Author:admin  From:本站  Date:2012-7-17 8:48:59  Click:8504
A Grand Feast in Guangdong’s Wind Energy Industry
Wind power generation is one of the world's most promising new energy generation technologies at present and wind power is also one of the safest new energies. In order to comply with the development trend of low-carbon green and to correspond to government's call for developing new energy industries like wind power, it is of necessity to develop renewable energy for the sake of building a moderately prosperous society and achieving sustainable development, accelerate exploitation and utilization of new energy, promote industrial development of wind energy technologies and to speed up application standardization of new energy. According to the 12th Five-Year Plan in Guangdong, a new round of energy plan will be launched to vigorously exploit offshore and onshore wind power projects. Let us construct new green energy in Guangdong and create a favorable investment environment.
Offshore wind power, one of the key subjects for Guangdong during the 11th Five-Year Plan period, was approved by relevant national departments owing to the joint efforts by multiple sectors. The 12th Five-Year Plan period and the 13th Five-Year Plan period are of great importance for the exploitation of Guangdong’s offshore wind power, which will contribute to complete transformation of energy development pattern in Guangdong and the optimized investment environment, and will ultimately pave the way for achieving the goal of Happy Guangdong.
There are altogether 31wind power projects examined and approved by the National Development and Reform Commission in both the first and second batch in Guangdong during the 12th Five-Year Plan, and installed capacity is up to 1,469,300 kilowatts. By means of blending funds in various ways, government is striving to complete grid connection by the middle of the 13th Five-Year Plan period and continues to optimize and close coal-fired power plants of small and medium size and high energy consumption, which will contribute to further beautification of Guangdong's investment environment. At the moment, the key missions to tackle energy exploitation in Guangdong lie in completing wind energy development of the 12th Five-Year Plan, introducing new technologies, new crafts and new products, easing Guangdong's energy pressure, and maintaining the sustainable and rapid economic development. United by multiple government departments in Guangdong and sponsored by Guangdong Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation Department, Guangzhou International Wind Energy Exhibition & Guangdong Offshore Wind Energy Development Forum will be staged in Guangzhou in August, which will mark the first step for the development of Guangdong's wind power.
Guangdong is now ushering in a booming development in wind energy industry. Worldwide enterprises engaged in wind energy exploitation, manufacturing, investment and construction will be invited to this grand feast, at which we will jointly celebrate the 2012 Guangzhou International Wind Energy Exhibition and seek common development.