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Guangdong Offshore Wind Energy Development Forum

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Topic: Guangdong Offshore Wind Energy Development

Guangdong Offshore Wind Energy Development Forum is scheduled for August 21 to 23, 2012 in the convention center of the Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex in conjunction with GZWEE 2012. The purpose of this forum is to introduce new technologies, new equipment, new management models for the construction and development of Guangdong offshore wind energy. We sincerely welcome domestic and foreign enterprises to grasp this opportunity and actively participate in this project.

Background of the Forum

Having successfully passed the expert review organized by the National Energy Administration, Project Planning of Offshore Wind Farms in Guangdong, hereinafter referred to as the Planning, raises the curtain of offshore wind energy construction in Guangdong. It is said that the offshore wind power installed capacity on the coastal areas of Guangdong can be up to 10 million kilowatts and the annual energy generation capacity 29 billion degrees. Through the Planning, it can be found Guangdong is exploring new ways to offshore wind energy development. Under the strategy of unified planning and orderly exploitation, possibilities of intensive use of wind farms along the coasts are created and moreover, solid foundation is laid to build a complete offshore wind energy industry chain in Guangdong.

Offshore wind power in Guangdong has a unique resource advantage and huge exploitation prospects. With the longest coastline of 4114.4 km in total, Guangdong ranks first in China. Moreover, Guangdong has the sea area of 419,300 square km, coastal wind resource of 3-6 class and annual average wind power density of 300-600 watts/m2. Hence, Guandong is regarded as one of the three areas with the most abundant offshore wind resource in China. In accordance with the objectives of the Planning, the installed capacity is expected to be 10.71 million kilowatts and annual power generation 29 billion degrees if the offshore wind farms in the offshore shallow waters of 5-30m water depth are developed. Moreover, the developable capacity of offshore wind energy will be even boosted to 75 million kilowatts in the offshore deep-water areas of 30-50m water depth. As for the power gap of Guangdong Province, it will certainly ease the current situation.

Based on the Offshore Wind Power Planning, Development and Reform Commission of Guangdong Province is orderly conducting the exploitation of offshore wind energy. Three or four offshore wind power bases of Gigawatt Class Wind Level will be built before 2015 and another 5 will be put up in 2020. According to the planning of offshore wind energy projects being formulated to produce 10 million kilowatts installed capacity, 70 billion to 80 billion benefits will be brought to the market of offshore wind energy equipment.