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“Strong Winds” in China

Author:admin  From:GZWEE Committee  Date:2012-6-1 10:57:08  Click:8210
GZWEE 2012 to take place in Guangzhou from Aug 21-23; Supported by the policy of the state; Guangdong is rich in natural resources

GZWEE 2012 to take place in Guangzhou from Aug 21-23

Guangzhou International Wind Energy Exhibition 2012 (GZWEE 2012 ), the largest wind power event in south china, will take place in Guangzhou from 21 to 23 August, 2012, with the aim of promoting onshore and offshore wind power development not only locally in the Guangzhou area but also worldwide. The sector's leading companies both from within and outside of China will take part in this largest ever event.


Supported by the policy of the state

China plans to boost the advancement of offshore wind power technologies and related equipment through the construction of a series of demonstration projects, paving the way for the sound development of offshore wind power facilities, according to the country's wind power development plans for the next five years. With a primary focus on development of projects in Hebei, Jiangsu and Shandong provinces, the country also aims to speed up offshore wind power development along the coasts of Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi and Hainan provinces as well as in Shanghai. By 2015, facilities with installed capacity of 5 million KW are scheduled to be put into operation, while additional projects with installed capacity of 5 million KW will be under construction, creating a comprehensive array of offshore wind power technologies and a bottom-up industry chain. With mass production of offshore wind power equipment, together with state-of-art technologies, China's part of the sector is expected to become one of leading offshore wind power markets worldwide in the years following 2015. The country's installed capacity is expected to reach 30 million KW by 2020, at which point, based on projections, China will become the world's largest offshore wind power market.


Guangdong is rich in natural resources

Coastal areas of Guangdong Province are of abundant wind resources, with the annual average wind speed of about 6-7m/s and the effective wind power density of more than 200-300 watts/square meter, or even up to 400-500 watts/square meter in some areas. According to the Project Planning of Offshore Wind Farms in Guangdong, installed capacity of offshore wind-driven power on the coastal areas of Guangdong can be up to 10 million kilowatts and the annual energy generation capacity 29 million degrees. Due to the huge gap in power, Guangdong will usher in a boom in offshore wind power development. It is expected that the offshore construction will be started before 2015 to produce 2 to 3 million kilowatts wind power and 7-8million kilowatts in 2016 and 2020. At present, investment work has been started.


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